Don´t miss the opportunity to join us on our one day trip to get to know the wonderful Corcovado National Park.

The day starts at 06.00am which is the departure time from Puerto Jimenez.

After one and a half hours we´ll be arriving at Carate. From this point we´ll walk along the beach for one hour to get to the first park station(La Leona).

Throughout the trip to Corcovado our guide will explain to you about the animals that you may find and other things you would like to know regarding the National Park.

In this trip we will walk until ¨Sal si puedes¨, we have to cross the Madrigal River. Very near to Sirena Station

Animals can easily find:
-Spider Monkey
-Squirrel Monkey
-White-Troated Capuchin
-Mantled Howler Monkey
-White Nosed Coati
-Baird´s Tapir
-Collard Peccary
-Two-toed Sloth
-Scarlet Macaw
-Mealy Parrot
-Red-Lored Parrot
-Fiery-billed Aracari
-Chestnut-mandibled Toucan
-Cherrie´s Tanager

Package Details

-Private Guide Speaking English
-Transport Puerto Jimenez-Carate-Puerto Jimenez
-Entrance Fee to the Park
-Reservation & Taxes

Price per person, about two people,
every extra person -$5p/p DISCOUNT!
Maximun 6 people per guide

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