Image of a Ceibo tree

Mission & Vision

• MISSION: To offer the best tourism services on the Osa Peninsula with the highest level of quality.

• VISION: To instil and promote a culture of travel amongst the local population of the Osa Peninsula.


• LOCAL DEVELOPMENT: Our company values good relationships with the local community, and attempts to benefit all sectors by involving them in its operations. Toucan Travel provides training for its employees in all fields, and always seeks to recruit from within the community.

• RESPONSIBILITY: We seek customer satisfaction by streamlining our business processes. We also look after the environment and encourage all of our customers and suppliers to reduce their environmental footprints.

• HONESTY: We act in good faith in everything we do and are renowned for acting with integrity, respecting above all what are considered the best practices in the community in which we provide our services.

• EQUALITY: Equal treatment and non-discrimination on the grounds of national origin, gender, ethnicity, etc. is very important to us both in the running of our business and providing customer service, and we demand the same of our suppliers.

Ethical Promise

• TO OUR CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS: We will offer innovative products and services of the highest possible standards. To guarantee availability and offer our commercial partners a business plan that drives growth for and develops their businesses.

• TO OUR SHAREHOLDERS: We will generate a reasonable return while focusing on sustainable, long-term goals.

• TO OUR EMPLOYEES: We will protect their dignity and individuality, providing a secure environment for their welfare and development.

• TO OUR PROVIDERS: We will seek to build sincere and honest relationships and help drive their growth by reaching lasting, fair and equitable commercial agreements.

• TO OUR COMPETETORS: We will compete in the open market based on price, quality and service, yet in a respectful and honest manner.

• TO GOVERNMENT: We will comply with all regulations and attempt to fully understand and respect local practices and customs.

• TO SOCIETY: We will help strengthen universal ethical values, support the economic and social development of the communities in which we operate, and protect the environment.